front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bought IT and found IT

I go to the post office every day. I know that there are things I could do to not have to do this. But I need to get my SweetiePie on the move. He would sit and think about being sick all the time if we didn't get out of the house. So....we go to the post office every day. Some days we come straight home but most days we go on and do other things. Anything to keep him moving and his mind going on other thoughts.

Of course my favorite thing to do is to go shopping, sourcing, scavenging or what ever you want to call it. Busy work?


Yesterday we went to a local rescue mission store. They have a huge store full of goodies. I have picked up everything from vintage to new in the box.

We were in men's shoes and I spotted a pair I wanted to buy. I flipped them over and SweetiePie was standing next to me and said, "don't buy those they are too worn".

 My response was, "but they are shell cordovan" See
They are vintage Nettleton and the uppers are in excellent condition, while the soles need some work. On the way home I was telling him why I picked up these shoes, explaining about shell cordovan. Then we checked the listed prices and the sold prices. I think he got the idea. Oh, and all shoes at the rescue mission are only $3. Also found a pair of Birkenstocks....Not bad

On Sunday I had to run to the town down the road that just happens to have a GW near where I needed to go. Oh....better swing by and see what's there.

As it turns out, not much on Sunday afternoon. But I did spot this on the top shelf of the knick knack shelves.
A mountain biking helmet. See the tag peeking out from under the bottom? I have picked up bicycle helmets before but the best I could find were Bell helmets for kids. Not bad but this is sooooo much better. A Giro Ionos cycling helmet. They think very highly of them in the UK. But still it should put some good change in my pocket.


Don't you just hate it when you sell something and can't find it...anywhere in your one room dedicated to storage for ebay inventory?

I sold this only a few days after listing it for $10.
It is only 2" x 3" and faded somewhat and the needle and threader are long gone.(I found this in an old treadle sewing machine drawer that I got for free at a yard sale. Bruce at the yard sale thought the treadle machine was trash!! My daughter took the actual machine, a National Two Spool, just like the one my grandmother had that I learned to sew on when I was a wee lass....)

 I remember there was a man where we went to shop on Saturday when I was little that would stand outside of the Roses 5&10c store and pass these out for money to support his family. Sometimes my mom would give him money but sometimes we didn't have any to spare. But I remember his smile when someone gave him money.

Anyway, I sold this and could not find it anywhere. I have a drawer for ephemera packets and I remember thinking that it was so small I should put it in an envelope and label it. I looked everywhere in that drawer twice and everywhere else. Finally I went back to see what else I had listed about that time and check them to see if the card was stuck to them or folded inside them or just anything. In the swimsuit, in the book, in the calculator, in the mug....BINGO.!!! I remembered slipping the card inside of a mug so it wouldn't get bent or torn. And there it was.

I was never so happy to see a piece of paper in my life.  I shipped it out a day late...but dang it I did ship it out.

So like Jim Valvano said..."don't give up, don't ever give up". I don't think he meant looking for little pieces of paper, but ebay sellers understand.

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