front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, July 30, 2015

To Measure or Not

I had a simple little skirt to list last night. Just needed to make sure that is was a women's skirt and not a girls skirt. Why?

Last week I accepted a return for a denim skirt that was a size 10. I measured it and included the measurements in the listing. Only one problem. I measured it as a 10 women's and it was really a 10 girls. Why did I make this mistake? Because I didn't check the charts. There is a small difference in the actual waist size (about 2" laying flat) and since I am no where in the neighborhood of a women's 10 I just went with visual guessing. Bad choice.

So, I didn't want to make the same mistake again.

So, I checked completed listings for similar style and maker skirts. Found one and checked the listing, no measurements at all. Checked 5 more and finally someone included the measurements. I checked 6 listings before I finally found someone who took the time to include measurements.

I try to be a good seller but this makes me wonder how many other sellers skip the essentials. I am beginning to understand why buyers react so negatively when they have a problem with something they bought. You shouldn't have to email a buyer to find out what the measurements of clothing are. Some buyers take days to answer emails. Most buyers want the answer instantly, or sooner.

I read somewhere, or heard it somewhere, that you should take pictures like there is no description and list like there were no pictures. I don't think I would go that far, but I think a good description helps make the listing more transparent, not like you are hiding anything.

I have reached a similar decision that "the Trash Elves" have reached and I plan on eliminating anything unnecessary from my listing. No more templates. More succinct descriptions and I'm really trying to do better photos. Coming soon to a listing near you!

So, cut corners by cutting out templates. Cut corners by cutting out words. But don't cut corners by leaving out measurements.


  1. Good post. I am guilty of being lazy sometimes and leaving out a measurement that I should include. Especially when it isn't clear how to measure something. Like an elastic waistband. Stretched or unstretched? I need to be more consistent and always list them. I think it helps sales.

    1. I agree with the measuring. How are you supposed to know if something fits if you don't give some kind of measurements. You can't rely on the manufacturers because they are all over the place with sizes. I keep listing less and less clothing just because I don't like all the measurements.

  2. I include measurements in all of my adult clothing, and I've also started including it in kids clothing over toddler sizes. What irks me are buyers who e-mail me asking for measurements that are already included in the listing. I just look up the listing and copy and paste the measurements into the e-mail, and refrain myself from adding "AS STATED IN LISTING", even though I really want to. :-)

  3. I include the measurement to decrease the rate of returns. They're a PITA and I end up having to waste my energy and time on them.