front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, June 12, 2015

A duck, a horse and Bobba Fett walk into a bar......

Sometimes strange things end up together in my inventory room waiting their turn in front of the camera.

I hope they weren't plotting an escape.

Rubber duckie infant bath tub....found in the free bin!!! Working Bobba Fett talking helmet for $1 at a church sale.

I've been busy trying to list all of these shoes that I have. Shoes and boots. I counted 50 and then I had at least 30 in two other totes. Our GW is loaded with boots now. Not many sandals or sneakers just tons of boots.
I found these in the front display case at my favorite thrift, the one with bag day and all the bins. They had them marked at $50. What? I asked to see them and saw that they were new from Saks Fifth Avenue along with a $50 price tag. I gave them back to the guy behind the counter and said "that's the closest that I will ever get to Saks Fifth Avenue". He said that they had been there for a while, since April according to the code on the sole, and would I pay $25. Hel... well maybe, what size are they? And on top of that I had a 25% off coupon!! Yahtzee!! So for $18.75 I have a nice pair of boots from Saks. More than I normally pay, but they are new with tags, from Saks and beautiful leather and since they aren't my size I won't feel guilty selling them.

Happy hunting and listing and listing and listing........


  1. Nice find on the boots. I think they will sell for you for sure! Our Goodwill over prices stuff often. And I see the same high priced items sitting in the case for months. Sometimes they forget it's still Goodwill

  2. Our GW had a Peter Millar shirt, NIP, nothing special white with blue stripes, in the glass counter priced at $25. They wouldn't reduce the price and I was there the day they were cleaning out the case and they took it to the back to send back to the warehouse. They have so many Vera Bradley purses in the case you can't see them all. They start them at $25 also. They had rather send them back to the warehouse than sell them. Makes no sense whatsoever. "Cut of your hand to spite your face" is what my Mom would say.