front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Estate sale finds

Haven't seen too many yard sale signs yet. A few but not a lot in one area, so I haven't made any yard sale treks yet. What to do? Hit the estate sales!!

I have only been to a few since Christmas. When I preview the photos online they are the antique pristine collectibles stuff. Not what I want. I want junk. Vintage or almost vintage or just junk. Because I can always find a treasure in the junk. Finally found one last weekend. Man had lived in the house since the 70's and not much female stuff. The estate sale ad pushed the tools really hard. Ok, maybe some gems left of the little woman that will go for cheap. Saw a dress form in the preview pictures and lots of sewing stuff, vintage sewing stuff.

And for the very first time my SweetiePie wanted to go with me. He had been peeking over my shoulder at the photos and spotted a chair he liked. Ok, so it was a Lazy Boy recliner. His was over 20 years old and needed replacing with a newer model. What can I say, we he is old!!

Off we went. I schooled him in the art of estate sale-ing. Not the time to be a gentleman and let ladies go first. Don't be rude, be firm. We got in with the first group and I told him to go find the recliner and sit in it if he got there first and don't get up for anyone. He did and he got the chair. A happy SweetiePie.

I looked around for ladies stuff and got a vintage sewing basket, some sewing books, office supplies, vintage Koh-I-Noor drafting pencil and little stuff. Didn't want the tools, we have more than we need.

Found this for $5 hiding on the back porch.
Complete and should bring in about $40-50, which pays for SweetiePie's chair.

Also picked up this from the top shelf of the closet. As far as I could tell it is complete. Not priced, but a lot of things in the house didn't have prices and a guy was standing in the hall with price stickers and would price something for you.
SweetiePie looked at it and then looked at the price that I had just negotiated, $6, and said it cost that new.
I beg your pardon in 1958 it cost $3.95. But in 2015 it goes for up to $100 and beyond.  check it here

I think SweetiePie needs a few more lessons on estate sale-ing.


  1. Great Finds! Oh how I love estate sales. I use to love yard sales but anymore around here it is really junk that needs to be tossed, all I can find anyways. And a few years ago our area flooded super bad and so many still are selling that old, mildewed stuff. or trying to.

    My husband would have loved finding that airplane kit you got! That is an awesome find!

    1. I thought of my brother when I found the airplane kit. He builds and flys RC airplanes. Around here you have to be first at yard sales or you don't get anything or they have an ebay print out next to the item with some ridiculous price. I want to tell them to go ahead and sell it yourself on ebay and just see how "easy" it is to rake in the $$

  2. Congrats on your great finds. I'm having trouble making it out- what is the item in the first pic?

    1. That is a Bamix M122 stick blender in lovely almond and brown. It is complete except for the mounting screws. They sell for $40-50 with the kit like that. No box though.I didn't have the instruction booklet when I purchased the blender on Sat. I went back Sunday to check for "crumbs" and bought an avocado Oster kitchen center and the booklet for the Bamix was in the bag with the Oster instructions. It must have been waiting for me to come back!!