front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More trash talk...and a kitty

Well, from e-trash to hand written notes that trash my merchandise. I really don't understand why people feel the need to trash talk items. I failed to catch the missing snap back, it came off in the wash. I apologized and accepted the return and would have licked his boots.

Well, everything but the boots part.

Here is the note, misspelling and all.

"Tried to not go thru with this broken snap. also way to close for the rag bile. Very fair from excellent snap"

Did he mean rag pile and very far? Who knows. Glad that is done with. Not worried about feedback since he already implied that he would leave negative and ebay said I can get it removed if he does go thru with it.

Tuesday is bag day at my favorite thrift. A large garbage bag full for $10. Don't these folks know how much I can stuff in a garbage bag?

I can stuff exactly 83 items in a large garbage bag, and still tie the top as required. That is about 13c per item. Not bad. I found a pair of RL tartan plaid pajamas, gold crest, in the bins and those alone will more than double my investment. All of the 82 other items will just be more gravy.

I passed by a GW that I haven't been to in several weeks. It was late in the day and they usually aren't too  busy at that time of day. Didn't find much. An overpriced Vera Bradley bag that I passed on, new Land's End swim tops and a little kitty.
Well maybe, not a little kitty but same family. I debated about this item because of all of the recent negative publicity connected with the football program.I still picked this up and put it in my basket so I could check it on my phone. Check out the completeds and I think you will agree it was a good purchase.

Update:  3 hours and 18 minutes!!! thats how long the little kitty took to sell. I can't believe it went so fast and predictably it sold to someone in PA.

March sales have been so crappy that I cleaned it up and it will be up on Thursday. When I make that sale it will help to soothe the pain from the trash-talked shirt.

Happy hunting


  1. That's a cool item you found. I wish my thrift store would do a bag sale. They do run a 50% off every so often but I don't find too much. On Thursdays, they have a dice game where you roll a certain number and get a % off. My son usually rolls and today he rolled a 6 which is the highest amount 30% off. I wish I would have found more than I did. They also had a vintage coffee table I should have bought since he rolled the 6. Oh well maybe I will have better luck tomorrow

    1. This thrift store just started the bag sale recently. This was the first time that I have gone. I thought it would be really crowded but it wasn't too bad. Lots of fall and winter stuff, a little spring and summer stuff and they keep bringing stuff out all day. Keep rolling the good numbers!!