front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is it a coincidence or conspiracy?

I don't know if anyone out there watches "Bones" on Fox, but I love it. She is a forensic anthropologist and is so funny, blunt, brazen and adorable. Well, anyway there is a character on the show, another scientist, Dr. Hodgins, or just Hodgins, who is always attributing anything that happens to a conspiracy plot. I don't think that everything is a conspiracy but some things make you wonder.

The bay has been after all TRS to opt in to the 45 day return policy to take effect after Nov 1. I planned on doing just that since I have been able to hold on to TRS since the "big change". I just hadn't opted in yet. Well, this week I received two messages from ebay about how they were looking out for my welfare with all of the wonderful ads they had on TV and cable. Both had sections to opt in to the return policy. I didn't respond. I decided to wait until the end of Oct, thinking that it would change my current listing to 45 days.

Duh!! it didn't, but hey I'm a procrastinator at heart.

So, the moral of the story is don't wait. Why?  Because I have had absolutely no store activity for the last two days, except for one nice person to point out an error in my listing, no sales, nada. Then I get back from errands today, with still no action, and decide to go ahead and opt in. Just to see if it would make a difference.

I opted in to the 45 day returns at 3:24 pm. At 3:32 pm I had my first sale in 2 days.

Coincidence? Maybe, but just let me wallow in my conspiracy theory for a while, OK?

On another note, thanks to all of the lovely blogs that I read I picked up an old Nintendo 64 system and 20 games at a church sale a couple of weeks ago. I picked up the bag, and since it was just after 8 and the sale had just started, not everything had prices yet. I asked and the volunteer said 25 and put a sticker on one of the game cartridges. I thought $25 but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was 25 cents when I checked out.I got the original game console, all the wires, 4 controllers and 20 games for 25 cents. Oh how I love church sales and volunteers who don't have a clue!! Everything works and I'll probably make close to $350 with everything.

 Now that is an ebay religious experience!!

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  1. We love Bones, but haven't watched in a couple of years.

    I opted in to the 45 day return, but it didn't help. So definitely a coincidence! LOL