front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Good luck or Bad luck?

While I was on vacation, Labor Day week, I put my store on vacation and left it visible. I had average sales with only one person to request a refund because he didn't want to wait for shipping. On Thursday before checking out of our hotel, I made a mistake and duplicated 10 listings that I had listed 3 weeks earlier. I didn't delete the listing after I relisted. A stupid mistake.

A mistake that ebay caught and made me pay for. By restricting my new listing for 7 days. OK, I made a mistake but ebay has software that catches the mistake, sometimes but not all the time. I called, they wouldn't change the restrictions. I lived with the consequences. Don't tell SweetiePie, but I did make a mistake!!

Is that the end of it? Yes, maybe no.

I noticed that the week I was on restriction from new listings that my sales were about the same as a normal week. About average at $450 for the seven days. Then I noticed something else strange.

For the 7 days during the restriction ended sales were fine. Then last Thursday, all of a sudden, a screeching halt to sales. For the next 7 days I averaged 1 sale a day. And I think that every sale I had was less than $20. One day my only sale was $8.99. Not the way to pay the bills. Then on this Thursday, about noon, all of a sudden my phone starts dinging like mad. Five sales on Thursday and, so far, five sales on Friday.

When I was put on restriction I jokingly told SweetiePie that I would probably be on ebay's crap list for the infraction of the rules. Little did I know that it would be so soon, and so drastic.

Maybe ebay did nothing to my listings, or maybe they did something. It could just be coincidence. But then again, everything seemed to commence around 11:45 on each Thursday.

Some Interesting Finds
 While on vacation I picked up some old fragrances. Estee Lauder Youth Dew bath oil and Prince Matchabelli Golden Autumn cologne parfumee. I have done pretty good with old fragrances so I didn't even bother to look them up on my phone. Youth Dew, the original formula, is very popular. My Mom used Youth Dew and it was always soooo strong. It seems that people are using the bath oil as perfume because it is cheaper than the original formula perfume. Check out the completed listings here I found a full 4 ounce bottle.

Everybody knows Prince Matchabelli's Wind Song. But do you remember Golden Autumn? I pays to remember it. When I purchased my classic crown bottle I thought I was getting Wind Song, but since they had the price taped over the label, I realized later it was Golden Autumn. A nice mistake. Check out the completed listings at perfume. I found a 4 ounce bottle with about 3.75 ounces.

I know I shouldn't be out thrifting but gee whiz a girl's gotta shop. Last week I was taking a break from staring at the "lovely" computer screen and I hauled my re-donations to Salvation Army. While I was there I had to check out their store.

I had never seen this set of dominoes before. But I thought they were interesting. Worthpoint reports a set being sold for $225 several years ago, but I think I'll set my sights just a tad lower.

Also after reading about the luck some sellers have with vintage or vintage style sneakers I picked up a pair of Nike retro style purple leather sneakers. Like these Mine are exactly like these, with the exception of a little bit of yellowing on one side of one sole area. And for some reason blogger is refusing to load my picture of the shoes!!

Ya know, old things aren't so bad!!!


  1. Nice haul! I love vintage perfumes :) I think sales just might have slowed down this week. I wasn't on any eBay restriction, but it sure felt like it. Sales were much lower than the few weeks prior.

  2. Every time I think I might buy a bottle of vintage perfume, I smell it and it smells awful. I assume they have gone bad. Do you smell them before you buy and sell?

    1. I always smell if I can before I buy. Unless it is sealed when I buy, then I open it when I get home. The perfumes I have found have all been fine. The Youth Dew is so strong I don't think there is any chance that the scent will ever fade. I found an unopened bottle of Givenchy Gentlemen a while back, about 20 yrs old, and it was just fine. I think if it has been stored in a home that has moderate temperatures and not in a very hot and very cold storage locker there is a better chance that the fragrance will survive.

  3. I never considered buying perfume because like Lisa B, I smell it and it smells horrible. I may have to get over myself and start looking at perfumes differently! Thanks for the info.

    1. Everyone's nose is different. You may just be smelling fragrances that you don't like. The old fragrances are made with better ingredients and tend to stay true to scent longer. I sold a very small, 1/4 ounce bottle, of French bath oil last year that only had about 1/4 of its contents for $35 and it was from the 50's and still smelled wonderful. Sniff out some good ones and go for it!!!