front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What do you wear?

My SweetiePie thinks I am super crazy. Well, I know I am but at least he gives me the benefit of doubt.

My yard sale-ing, thrifting vehicle just bit the dust. It is/was a 95 Ford Windstar van. Kinda big and ugly. But I loved it. The things that I could get in the back. That thing has been to the World's Longest Yard Sale three times, to Pennsylvania thrifting twice, and I can't begin to count the places it has been locally. But the time has come to "put her down".

The transmission slips, bad, the main engine gasket leaks, the radio is stuck on LOUD, the window on the passenger side won't roll down or up, the windshield has a major crack, MAJOR crack, the starter is shot, the battery needs replacing and who knows what else. We have had it since 130,000 miles and it is really close to 200,000. But she won't go any more. Time for a peaceful end for a good friend.

Sigh, I'll miss her. The bright blue paint, the cracked windshield, the green moss growing on her side, the spider web under the wheel well. Sigh!!! She really is tired and ready to go.

I like to be what we used to call "low-rent" when I go thrifting or yard sale-ing. Kinda not too upscale, if you know what I mean. I see the Mercedes and BMW's parked at thrift stores, but you never know who is driving them. If you pull up at a yard sale in a fancy car, it's just my personal paranoid opinion that the owner of the yard sale stuff just mentally marked everything up about 50% because "you can afford it". Now, this probably isn't true but it never hurts to be safe. So therefore I drove my crappy van to yard sales and thrifting events.  Never a problem with getting a bargain.

I also like to dress the part

This isn't me. I don't smoke. I do bathe.
This isn't me either. I don't do gold lame or spike heels very well. I do smile.

What do you wear thrifting? I bet it isn't your best outfit. Not the one with the holes in the knee and butt and ragged hem either. Somewhere in between homeless and country club. A happy medium. A middle of the road outfit.

My most recent yard sale adventure had me dressed in jeans, a tie dye shirt with paint splatters(thrifted 25c), my purse(recycled blue jean material), a bag of bags (from the thrift store)for hauling the loot home, layered with a flannel shirt (thrifted 25c) to peel off when it warmed up. I've seen some folks yard sale-ing that look like they just jumped out of bed and decided to stop on the side of the road for a look see. I did shower and comb my hair.

SweetiePie says I over think things way too much. Hey, I'm just trying to be cautious and get the best deal. If I pulled up to a yard sale in a Benz or Beamer I just don't think I would have any luck negotiating the price down on anything.

What do you wear? Drive? or am I just too paranoid for my own good?

Let me know in the comments. There's $5 bet riding on the outcome. I need that $5 from SweetiePie for an estate sale that looks promising!!!


  1. I definitely dress down, both for the reasons you cite and because I'm likely to be rummaging through old boxes or kneeling on the ground to flip things over or take a closer look. A thrifting/saling friend of mine just bought a Mercedes wagon to replace his old car & I told him he'd better start parking it around the corner unless he wants to pay higher prices. So, I'm totally with you!

  2. I also drive an old Windstar van! 160K miles and (fingers crossed) it makes it 40K more. Had to replace the transmission, BOTH windows (they wouldnt roll down either), nearly every thing under the hood that can go out has, also has a cracked windshield. I think I may drive your vans twin! I have read every year in my Consumer Reports that Ford Windstar is the worst used car I think in the history of ever, especially my year (2000) giant hunk of crap but, it runs, it holds a lot of junk and its paid for! I am kind of fond of the old gal. Now about the clothes. I am a jeans, t shirt and flip flop kinda girl. I live in an upscale expensive area (except my house) and my friend teases me that I will go grocery shopping, thrifting whatever with no makeup on, hair scraped back in a ponytail and crappy clothes on. Who cares? I am past the age of trying to impress, I wear scrubs to work, so when I am off I like to be comfy. I love going to garage sales at these fancy pants houses looking "low rent" (love that!) they give you better deals.

  3. Now, if your van had green moss growing on the side of it I would say we are twins. Got a recall notice the other day from Ford saying that there might be a danger of a fire under the hood. Hey, I don't need any improvements!!

  4. I look like a bum about 95% of the time. I dont do garage sales but I do agree with you about dressing down and not driving something expensive. Case in point: I was selling a brand new light fixture on Craigslist for $10 (its around $30 in the store) This lady pulls up in a really nice expensive car. She looks at the light and says its not really what she is looking for but she will give me $7 for it. I told her no I would wait to see if I could get my asking price. When she left, I said to my hubby she can afford to drive that car but cant give me $10 for a brand new light?

  5. I don't dress up either - jeans, Tshirt, tennis shoes but I do drive a fairly new Toyota truck LOL!

    1. I drove SweetiePie's Toyota truck the last thrift trip. Complete with primer on the door and truck bed.
      And don't forget a big cup of coffee.

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  7. Yeah!!!!! I got five comments that means I win the bet $5 from SweetiePie for saying this was a stupid question and I wouldn't get 5 comments.
    Thanks everyone.

  8. I think your idea of bringing your own recycable bags is a good idea! Most sales have nothing or crumbled up grocery store bags.