front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jumping Through The Hoops for Buyers

I want a life without annoying ebay buyers!!

I don't know what was going on with ebay over the weekend but I hope it doesn't continue this week. Why my rant, you ask? Best offers on listings with NO best offers.

Now, I don't mind the occasional inquiry about a lower price. I always try to respond pretty quickly. How about 4 in 2 days and none of them sold? Yep, 4 different inquiries about 4 different items from 4 annoying buyers.

Oh, and don't forget the helpful person who informed me that they could buy a pre-owned, working item I have listed for $49.99 new for $69.99. Am I crazy to think that $20 less is a good deal?

Two separate people contacted me and asked for a lower price. It was a fair offer and I agreed. Never another word. I even lowered the price in my store for them.

Then there was the one that 50% off was a deal she could live with. And free shipping. Let me do the math.
Listed for  $20.00
discount    -10.00
shipping     -10.00
profit         00000 In fact it would cost me to sell to that person since she totally ignored the fact that I have to pay ebay and paypal fees and shipping supplies and gas to get to the post office. I responded but I had to wait a few minutes before I could "calmly" set down and craft a reply that did not include any bad words.

On a different note, but still ebay. I received a message from ebay several days ago that I could now list up to $47,500 a month in 2100 listings. What? Let me do the math. 2100 listing a month, divided by 720 hours (in a 30 day month). Why that is only 2.9 listing every hour, every day with an average list price of $22.38. Piece of crap cake, right? I could list everything in my ebay inventory and still not have enough stuff. While I appreciate their offer, I think I'll just keep on chugging along with 5 listings daily.

Works for me.


  1. I always get the buyers who want a lower shipping price if the item isn't set for free shipping. I tell them I can give them my discount and that is the lowest I can go and they still are not happy. (This is usually auctions where they are bidding on a .99c item)

  2. Sometimes I think that if we gave the item to them for free and paid shipping they still wouldn't be happy. Unless buyers are sellers they have no idea the amount of fees and cost of supplies. Helloooo folks, it cost us to sell this stuff!!!