front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Painting and Outlet Update

This has been my life this past week. Painting one of our bedrooms that really, really needed painting before our daughter moved back in, but didn't get done. Now that she is in her house I need to get both bedrooms painted. The walls were a lovely neutral beige. Yuck. Now they are an ever so soft gray. I'm getting this ready for the two little princess granddaughters for when they spend the night or are tracked out from school. Their favorite colors are pink for one and aqua for one.So the accent colors will be pink and aqua. I thought the gray walls would be pretty  with white furniture and pink and aqua accents. I picked the paint up at the Habitat Restore store for $4 a gallon. Also picked up a vintage 40's iron bed frame that will be painted white. At a yard sale last year I picked up a trundle and mattresses. So far everything I have done to the room or picked up for the room has been thrifted. I have enough other furniture odds and ends to almost fill the room. I do need a bookcase and comfy, upholstered chair or bean bag for the reading corner but I am waiting until I find one I can thrift.
Looks like blue, but it really is a light gray. Did I mention
how much I dislike 10' ceilings? Everything has to be on
the ladder.
 I haven't been thrifting but once this week. On a quick trip to somewhere else I stopped at the GW and picked up a pair of sandals and a burgundy down comforter. I guess I want it to be warm so I am looking at warm weather things. (comforter doesn't count!) I picked these up just because they had Vibram soles. Little did I know that they would be a good thing. Oh, did I mention that they were new? "Squeee"

Vionic brand orthopedic sport sandals with Vibram soles.

I am getting some of my stuff from my trek to the outlet listed. After cleaning and photo time it had to get in line behind my haul of denim jeans. These JCrew chukka boots have been sitting in the tub just waiting for their turn in the spotlight. They finally went up yesterday morning, and by supper time they were gone!!
 Love it when they sell fast. Gets me motivated to get more stuff listed.

On a Rx run to Wally World I spotted these in the clearance section. What? I just bought the princess granddaughter one for Christmas and now they are in clearance? Marked down to $19. Not a super markdown but will be able to at least double my investment. There were three of the My Life dolls in the clearance section and all were mermaids. Too cold for mermaids in March? They now have a warm place at my house. Check your Wally World because they may have some goodies in the clearance section.

Last week I was making my rounds and decided to do a quick stop at a thrift that I very rarely get to. There are two across the street from each other, so I made it a double stop. One yielded nothing and the other this
little treasure trove. A Medela breast pump and a Wms-Sonoma hand blender. The Medela did have the AC converter in the box with it and while I did check the pump before purchase I didn't take the converter out of the box. When I got home, the pump worked but someone had cut the cord on the converter, making it worthless. $25 down the drain because I didn't check the cord. Don't be me, check the cord!! Still a good deal for $3. Don't know why but the hand blender had an extra set of attachments, factory sealed, with the complete set. I didn't see them in the bag when I bought the hand blender. Yeah...extra stuff to sell for no extra investment!!

I've got the pump listed but I'm still looking at two big laundry baskets of stuff just sitting here looking at me and wanting to know when they get their chance to be in the spotlight.

Soon, baby, soon.

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  1. Beautiful color! I've been painting, too. Must be spring fever and the desire to get everything clean, fresh and new :)