front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I hope everyone survived Turkey Day. We had just the immediate family, 8 total. Just enough so we could all sit together at the same table and enjoy the family, turkey and PIE.

In a never ending quest to supplement the disability income that the gov't so "graciously" gives you each  month I have been working ebay like a mad person. I haven't been thrifting because I have bunches and bunches of stuff already. See my previous post if you doubt me.

I have grown my ebay store to almost 900 items. It is still growing and I am amazed every day at what sells. Not that I sell junk or just high priced stuff. I just sell stuff that I think will make a profit. For example, in the last week I have sold a variety of things. From t shirts, fabric, toys, dress shirts, sweaters, mugs, Christmas ornaments, sax reeds, to shoes and a bunch more that I can't remember. When you have 10-15 packages a day to get out, things get blurry.

I am so grateful to have a good inspection team here at the humble abode. Every time I bring in something new I have a dedicated inspection team that checks everything out very thoroughly. See...
I picked this up at GW for my 2 little Princess to play with, not for a present but to keep at Grandma's House.
This is Simon, he is NOT a princess. He is chief inspector.

So, if I'm not on here much until after the holiday you can I tend to go overboard when it comes to shopping and listing. After all, I have coupons good for December at my favorite that give me 50% off of EVERYTHING. still my heart. And we all know that December (and January) are prime picking months at thrift stores. Lots of people are cleaning out the "old stuff" in anticipation of buying or receiving "new stuff". And as we all know, a coupon makes it even better.

Does the world revolve around "stuff"?

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