front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I love yard sales!!!

Did you HEAR me? I LOVE yard sales!!!

I especially love yard sales where everything is priced to sell, 25c to 50c!!!!!

You can get some really good stuff, but you can get some crap. My daughter SmartA** is a great bargain finder. She has the nose.

Some of the stuff I got yesterday.

The two Tommy Bahama were $1 and the other three are
from the giant thrift and were 50c each. Got them listed today!

Bag of 81 skeins of DMC floss---only 6 colors---but I can deal with that.

A bag o'babies 89 teeny tiny babies for 25c---I'll deal with that
A pink pig cigarette lighter---the flames come out of his nostrils---double flames!!
This is the end you PUT the butane in...just funny to me!!
This bag of wooden train track and building pieces was 15c.
There are at least 30 pieces in the bag. Woo Hoo
An my daughter has a thing for nail polish. She has a large selection of colors for her nieces to choose from when they visit. They prefer pink, but she has blue, green, yellow, black and just about any other color imaginable. She picked up 6 bottles yesterday for 25c each. Two bottles were intriguing. One was an older Christian Dior, paper label, and another a Chanel. I asked her to check them online. I already knew that some OPI colors bring $20-$25 a bottle. She checked. Dior goes for $20 and up and Chanel goes for $65 and up.
Her bottles were about 1/4 full, but still....yikes. Who pays $65 for a bottle of nail polish? I don't care how good it is. Who?

It's a pretty color. I volunteered to test one finger to see if it really is better.  Maybe I should have chosen a different finger.......


  1. Yard sale items for 25¢, wow. I think I will start looking for nail polish, I learn something new everyday for thrift blogs. Wonderful thrift finds ((:

  2. The only thing better than a 25c yard sale is a free one. We found a free yard sale several weeks ago. A church was sponsoring it and was passing out info about their church. At first I felt odd picking up stuff, but that quickly passed!!

  3. Both of the 'spensive polishes were mostly dried out and required a lot of thinner to get back into a useable condition. I guess Yard Sale Lady didn't want to bother with them.

  4. Oh my I love that ridiculous pig! I mean, are we the total morons? If I seriously sat down with my husband or parents and said "I am going to invent a lighter that looks like a pig and shoots the falme out of its nose and stores will buy my product wholesale" I know they would look at me like I'm crazy! Yet here sits the proof that someone probably made a lot of money with that idea...too funny!

  5. As warped as my poor mind is, I don't know why I didn't think of it!!!
    Seriously, I couldn't keep a straight face if I had to fill it up with butane.